Our writers are graduate students and postdocs in the neurosciences at Harvard.

Grigori Guitchounts – I am studying visual object recognition in David Cox’s lab. Even more than long walks on the beach, I enjoy playing piano.

Vivian Hemmelder – I am a second year PhD student in the labs of Naoshige Uchida and Sam Gershman, studying decision making and time perception in mice and humans. I also sing and paint, and of course cycle a lot since I’m Dutch!

Nick Jikomes – As a PhD candidate at Harvard Medical School, I use a combination of optogenetics and behavioral analysis to study neural circuits in the hypothalamus that control motivated behavior in mice.

Kathryn Lehigh – I study NGF’s role in synapse development in the sympathetic nervous system in David Ginty’s lab. In addition to research I’ve spent much of grad school life pursuing interests in teaching and science outreach.

Sivapratha Nagappan – I am a PhD candidate in the Umemori Lab. I am interested in understanding how sensory experience and neuronal activity sculpt connections in the brain as we develop. Outside of science, I love hiking and trivia.

Shay Neufeld – I’m a PhD candidate in Bernardo Sabatini’s lab. Armed with microscopes, lasers, electrodes, and mouse brains I study how specific circuits of neurons enable us to learn new behaviors that can be refined, remembered, and sometimes forgotten.

Jasmine Reggiani – I recently completed a masters at the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands), and currently study the function and molecular identity of retinal ganglion cell types in mice in the lab of Josh Sanes. I’m excited about mountains and modern art as much as about science.

Stephen Zhang – I am a PhD candidate in Dragana Rogulja’s lab. I study how motivational states (e.g. hunger, thirst, etc) are represented in the brain to influence behavior. I am consumer and enthusiast of general science.

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